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Aerial Dance Entertainment

We love to fly through the air dancing on a variety of apparatuses: aerial hoop, silks, aerial sling, static trapeze, pole, lollipop, and more! Dazzle your patrons with our aerial artistry. Our performers can expertly provide ambient aerial dance, curated installations, choreographed group dance pieces, and more for your event!

Interactive characters

Our charismatic characters create a welcoming atmosphere and set the tone for a fun and entertaining experience. From greeters to magicians, stilt artists, and living art pieces... our characters will bring a creative & immersive element to your event!     


Flow & LED prop artists bring a mesmerizing and visually captivating element to events with their skillful manipulation.

These performers combine artistry, rhythm, and movement to create stunning displays. Our performers are skilled with a variety of props: hoop, poi, contact staff, buugeng, fans, and more!


 Looking to really light things up? Let our insured and trained fire performers add a flaming hot edge to your event. Your audiences will be enchanted as our fire dancers skillfully spin and move with the flames.

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