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Welcome to Equinox Entertainment, where the magic of the circus meets the spirit of inclusivity in the heart of Denver, Colorado. EEC is a woman-owned and community-focused circus performance company, dedicated to bringing Excitement, wonder, performance magic, and A sense of empowerment to all those who share in our love of Circus, Dance, and Artistry!

Our Story:

Founded by A group of visionary friends with a passion for both circus arts and fostering community connections, Equinox Entertainment was born out of the belief that the circus and dance are for everyone.  The shows that we create are not just about the WOW- FACTOR, but they are a celebration of diversity, self-expression, and unity. We understand the power of the stage to transcend barriers and bring people together. We are committed to creating a space where everyone feels seen, heard, and celebrated Through their expression of creativity.

Our shows reflect the rich tapestry of the vibrant culture of Denver...

All while putting on a damn good show!

We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to showcase the diversity of talent from our circus/dance community... From Aerial DAnce Acts to Burlesque, fire Performances, modern dance, live music, and more!

Equinox Entertainment is working towards elevating the platform for performers to explore creativity and innovation through performance. 

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